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Name:Greg Hojem-Sanders
Birthdate:May 5, 1975
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America

Greg Sanders works for the Las Vegas crime lab. Greg could be considered the most "normal" member of the CSI team. He's always smiling, he remains somewhat optimistic and he maintains a lot of interests aside from his Crime Lab work (he listens to Marilyn Manson while running lab machines and hides porn magazines in some area cabinets). This is most likely due to his youth; he hasn't been fully subjected to the horrors of this job like the rest of the team. He is also not concerned with the financial aspect of a job -- just the joy that it brings. Greg has been promoted to CSI level 3. Greg was a child prodigy. He got his first lab kit at the age of seven. Through most of his life, Greg had fought the prodigy's natural urge to rush through things. A lot of school, especially high school, had been painfully easy for him. He would wait until the night (or even the morning) before class to do his homework. This habit had stayed with him, though the lab had nullified that somewhat.

[I do not own the character of Greg Sanders or CSI and am making no profit from this journal. Greg and CSI are owned by and the property of Jerry Bruckheimer and his associates, the producers and writers of CSI. No harm or copy write infringement is intended. Greg and his mun are both over 21.]

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al robbins, archie johnson, blue hawaiian coffee, caffeine, catherine willows, chemistry, conrad ecklie, crime scenes, csi, d.b. russell, david hodges, david phillips, dna, forensic science, forensics, gil grissom, henry andrews, holly gribbs, investigation, jim brass, julie "finn" finlay, lady heather, las vegas, las vegas crime lab, las vegas history, lvpd, mia dickerson, michael keppler, morgan brody, nick stokes, raymond "ray" langston, riley adams, ronnie lake, sara sidle, science, sofia curtis, stanford, warrick brown, wendy sims
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